Warranty Info

1. Warranty Period

  • Warranty Period varies depending on the item. Please check the receipt for warranty duration.

2. Warranty Eligibility

  • Original Packaging and Receipt with Order# must be present.
  • Item must be within the Warranty Period.

3. Warranty Coverage

What is Covered What is not Covered
Manufacturer Defects (an error in the design or production of a product, causing it to not work properly). Physical damage to the item.
Item dead on arrival (DOA). Any defects or damages caused by unauthorized repairs, alterations, or modifications to the original product.
  Damages are caused by fires, electrical surges, and accidental drops.

Damages caused by improper usage, setup, or installation.


Normal wear and tear, and cosmetic damage.


Damages caused during transportation.


4. Standard Warranty

  • We will first attempt to diagnose the problem, and attempt to repair/fix the problem (where applicable).
  • If the repair is unsuccessful, we will either replace the item or return it back to our supplier for a replacement/repair.

5. Refurbished Items

  • If a refurbished product is found faulty within its warranty period, we will:
    • Refund the amount purchased. (Subject to restocking fee)
    • Send back to manufacturer for repair.

6. Restocking Fee

  • A restocking fee (20% of the purchased price) will be charged if an item is returned for a refund.

7. Transferability

  • This warranty is non-transferable and validity is restricted to the original purchaser only.

8. All rights reserved

  • We reserve the right to not offer warranty service for items returned without any proof of purchase, missing original packing, and all original accessories.


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